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RAiNA is proud to offer AIA-accredited presentations, each providing 1 LU/HSW Credit, catering to architects and professionals seeking to enrich their knowledge base. As the foremost authority on Rainscreen, RAiNA ensures that its presentations deliver comprehensive insights into this critical architectural element. Our presentations promise to equip attendees with practical and relevant information.

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Available Presentations:

Decoding the Language of Rainscreens

Rainscreens are not a product, they are an assembly. The assembly is comprised of building components installed by different trades. Different trades use different terminology. How do we come to a common language? RAiNA has spent two years decoding the rainscreen language and developing terms and definitions for components and functions used in the rainscreen industry, as well as how to actively and effectively communicate them throughout the construction and design industry. This session explains the various components of a rainscreen assembly and the functions that the rainscreen provides.

Introduction to Rainscreen Walls

Dive into the dynamic world of building enclosures with “Introduction to Rainscreen Walls.” This course will provide participants with a solid foundation on the importance of building enclosures, their purpose, and how rainscreen walls fit into this framework. Attendees will be introduced to the defining characteristics of a rainscreen wall and its revolutionary role in modern architectural design. Additionally, the course will break down the essential components of a rainscreen wall, ensuring a holistic grasp of its construction and function.  

It Takes a Village

Moisture in buildings presents the number one problem for building owners. As we build high-performance buildings, the problem increases as we are not solving the problem. There are ways to properly control moisture and this presentation walks you through the issues and offers ways to address them.  

Rainscreen Applications NFPA 285 & Other Fire Considerations

The code requirements for fire performance of the exterior wall assembly are vast and nuanced. Understanding how to read the code language is more important than memorizing what it says. This course will discuss a variety of fire related topics as it pertains to facades, Combustibility testing, classification, resistance ratings, and fire propagation testing. The review of code language is intended to help participants become familiar with the way the code is written and the logic, therein. Concluding with a discussion of competing performance priorities, and a discussion on how to manage them.  

Rainscreen Technology for Residential Applications

The presentation will show the damage that can be done when water enters wall assemblies, including an example of the cost for repair to the homeowner due to a lack of full coverage by the homeowner’s insurance. Where the water comes from will be covered and how incorporating a rainscreen assembly can reduce the damage caused by this water intrusion. It will show the main components in all rainscreen assemblies and what provide. The presentation will finish with providing direction as to where assistance and guidance can be found to assist you.

What Makes Rainscreen Walls Work

Curious or confused about what “rainscreen” means or how it relates to wall performance? This seminar provides an overview of rainscreen wall designs, including all the visible and hidden components and important factors in performance. Claddings and attachments, the air cavity and why width matters, water control, structural considerations, fire and combustibility, exterior insulation … all this and more will be touched on.  

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