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There are seven committees which are led by two Board-appointed Co-chairs. The committees develop policies and procedures, as well as make recommendations to the Board of Directors. Committee recommendations are formally reviewed and adopted by the Board before going into effect. All RAiNA members are encouraged to participate in one or more of the committees.

Please see list of committees and a brief description of responsibilities.

Building Codes Committee

Serves as the leaders and influencers of codes as related to rainscreen wall assemblies. They maintain a list of pertinent national and local codes, and work to identify changes and additions within the codes that influence rainscreen assemblies.

Definitions Committee

This committee’s primary focus is to identify a baseline of understanding of rainscreen terminology in order to provide guidance to the A/E/C/ community for promotion, code development, design, and construction.

Education and Training Committee

To identify and determine the best delivery methods for educating the design and construction industry. This committee is tasked with the design and development of education and training materials on rainscreen assemblies and best practices for their construction.

Industry Outreach & Marketing Committee

Tasked with identifying and coordinating initiatives to grow RAiNA’s presence, partnerships, and influence throughout the industry. The committee oversees trades shows, social media, press, website, and advertising.

Rainscreen Performance Committee

Works on all rainscreen technical aspects including performance requirements, project specification, details, installation practices, rainscreen test methods, and material specifications. The committee works hand-in-hand with many other committees (such as the Building Codes Committee) to ensure an objective and science-based approach supports all aspects of the organization.

Residential Committee

Working with stakeholders from across residential construction, the Residential Committee works to increase the knowledge and awareness of rainscreen principles – through education and the development of industry standards – to improve resilience and durability of single and multi-family homes.

Retrofit Committee

Greenhouse gas emissions, carbon usage, aging building stock and repositioning opportunities are driving a surge in demand for building retrofits.  RAiNA’s Retrofit Committee was born out of the clear need for guidance with respect to assessment, planning and implementation of rainscreen retrofits.  The Committee is developing a guideline, case studies and other educational resources to raise awareness and meet this need.

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