Mission, Vision and Values


Work together with our membership, industry, and trade to be the recognized authority on rainscreen wall assemblies in North America.



Be the recognized rainscreen authority, supporting performance-driven rainscreen assemblies that contribute to more durable, resilient, healthy, energy-efficient, and safe buildings.



  1. Integration of Expertise – In order to achieve optimum performance of a rainscreen wall assembly, the input of many parties is required. This includes design professionals, enclosure consultants, testing agencies, manufacturers of various wall materials, contractors, etc. RAiNA values expertise across the board and will work to connect experts to drive the most effective outcomes.
  2. Building Science-based Performance Criteria – A measurable understanding of material and assembly performance gives designers the tools to make the right choices for their product needs. Prioritizing topics that can be measured, tested, and discussed objectively through data will strengthen the publications and standards produced by RAiNA.
  3. Sustainable Long-lasting Building Enclosures – The most sustainable building is one that does not need to be re-built. Emphasizing the benefits of a properly constructed rainscreen wall assembly helps to ensure the wall assembly will effectively perform for years to come. The walls will not only look good, but will reduce environmental impact (energy use/carbon emissions), keep the building working, and the occupants safe and healthy.
  4. Design Aesthetics – RAiNA values beautiful buildings that are able to last for generations. High-performance building envelopes are capable of displaying virtually any designer’s vision for a beautiful facade. A rainscreen wall assembly supports designs using a wide variety of different materials, colors, and textures with almost limitless configurations for linear reveals, cavity depths, façade off-sets, and curvatures; all without compromising performance.

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