Introduction to Rainscreen Walls

9:30am – 10:30am

Dive into the dynamic world of building enclosures with “Introduction to Rainscreen Walls.” This course will provide participants with a solid foundation on the importance of building enclosures, their purpose, and how rainscreen walls fit into this framework. Attendees will be introduced to the defining characteristics of a rainscreen wall and its revolutionary role in modern architectural design. Additionally, the course will break down the essential components of a rainscreen wall, ensuring a holistic grasp of its construction and function.  

Presenters: Chris Caricato (ITI)

Rainscreen Technology for Residential Applications

10:45am – 11:45am

The presentation will show the damage that can be done when water enters wall assemblies, including an example of the cost for repair to the homeowner due to a lack of full coverage by the homeowner’s insurance. Where the water comes from will be covered and how incorporating a rainscreen assembly can reduce the damage caused by this water intrusion. It will show the main components in all rainscreen assemblies and what provide. The presentation will finish with providing direction as to where assistance and guidance can be found to assist you.

Presenters: Peter Barrett (Dörken Systems Inc), Keith Lolley (Advanced Building Products)

Carbon & Facades: Understanding Operational and Embodied Carbon

1:30pm – 2:30pm

Designing facades to achieve operational performance goals while also remaining constructible and maintainable, all within a client’s budget and schedule, is a challenge in itself—but the challenge does not end there. Our industry continues to expand with a growing focus on reducing embodied carbon and greenhouse gas emissions while increasing the recyclability and reusability of building materials as part of the design and construction process. In this presentation, we will explore the relationships between embodied carbon and operational carbon of common façade and glazing systems. We will highlight the current industry challenges for measuring and reducing embodied carbon for façade systems, as well as opportunities for future innovation. We will also compare the embodied carbon within common façade systems and explore how to balance the often-conflicting priorities of improving the operational performance of an enclosure while reducing the associated embodied carbon impact.

Presenter: John Jackson (SGH), Anna Burhoe (SGH)

Building Performance Regulations: Enclosures as Low-Energy Building Solutions

2:30pm – 3:30pm

Building performance standards, net zero energy regulations, carbon-based metrics, and a focus on resiliency are defining the new normal for the buildings industry in the DC region and across the country. This session will review these industry shifts by walking through the changing regulatory landscape in key U.S. markets, with a focus on the DC region. It will cover what the design and construction community needs to know to position projects for success, with a specific focus on how enclosure retrofits are a key piece of the low-energy building puzzle.

Presenter: Theresa Backhus (Building Innovation Hub), Roger Chang (Buro Happold), Alex Dews (Institute for Market Transformation)

From Conception to Completion: The Story of the Rainscreen Wall Assembly at Inova Loudoun’s New Hospital Tower

3:45pm – 5:15pm

Durability, resiliency, materiality and sustainability were just a few of the design goals of the façade for the 9 story (380,000 SF) new patient tower at the Inova Hospital in Loudoun County, Virginia. The exterior wall assembly, separating the outdoor environment from the indoor conditioned space, is one of the most critical performance components of any hospital building, helping ensure the health, well-being and safety of patients and staff. This program will dive into the story of the exterior rainscreen wall assembly on the Loudoun County Hospital Tower, unpacking how it was selected for the building and executed to meet the project goals.

A rainscreen wall assembly, including cladding, attachment components, insulation, and air/water/vapor control strategies must work together to achieve the specified performance requirements of the enclosure. As with any project system, it is also crucial that these assemblies meet project specific budgets and schedules. As such, it is critical for the design and construction teams to understand the proper intersection of these materials and work together to ensure they perform effectively, meeting all of the client’s goals. In this session, we will hear from the Inova Loudoun project team representatives including HDR (Architect), WDP (Enclosure Consultant), DPR (General Contractor), and Pillar Construction (Rainscreen Installer) to learn about each of their respective roles with the exterior rainscreen wall assembly and how they worked together to achieve successful outcomes.

Presenters: Philip Frederick (moderator), Jason Beshore (HDR), Thilo Wilhelmsen (DPR), Gabriel Castillo (Pillar), Ankur Deshpande (HDR), Louay Ghaziri (DPR)

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